Website Updates

New UK store: WHSmith

The ebook stores in the UK are having a price war. I’ve added support for WHSmith, one of the major UK book stores that’s leading the price cuts. UK book stores now supported: Amazon Kindle UK, WHSmiths, Kobo UK, Waterstones, eBookShoppe.

Site downtime / new machine

Apologies if you’ve been trying to get on the site today and found it unavailable. I’ve added an extra machine so that hopefully I can separate the website from the database server where all the heavy-lifting is done. Which means that sometime this week, the website should start to go faster (I hope). We’ll see…

BooksOnBoard geo restrictions incorrect

I’ve been unconvinced about the information that BooksOnBoard have been providing me about which territories a particular ebook can be sold to; now they’ve confirmed there’s a problem so for the moment, I’m going to remove that info from their books. Hopefully, there’ll be a fix for it soon and I can reinstate it.

Looking for beta testers for new personalisation options

I’m about to release a new version which will allow you to set personalisation options, such as your country, your preferred currency, which formats you want to see. I’d like some people to kick the tyres before it goes public, if you’re interested, please get in touch!