Website Updates

New: Watchlist updates page

Now you can go to a page which shows all the most recent price drops for your watchlist. And it automatically updates, so if a new price drop comes in while you’re looking, then you’ll see it at the top of the page.

v5.1: Redesign and new country, Germany

I’ve recently uploaded a new release (v5.1.0) New Design V5 brings a new design; and I hope you like it. Please take a minute to check your settings; you have total control over which stores you follow, so if you’re getting alerts for stores or countries you don’t expect, then please just go to your settings and switch them off. New Country (Germany) One of the main behind-the-scenes benefits of this new design is that it’s going to be much easier to add new countries and stores, so please let me know what you’d like to see.

New Release: v4.3.0

I’ve just uploaded a new release to the Luzme website (v4.3.0). What’s New? Watch Author for new books If you want to know when your favourite author is releasing a new book, just add them to your AuthorAlert list. We'll tell you about their new releases. Add next book in series to your Watchlist Now, when you remove a book from your Watchlist, you can choose to add the next one in the series.

New Release: v4.1.0

I’ve just uploaded a new release to the Luzme website (v4.1.0). New: Much faster login time (hopefully you’ve seen the dreaded “Gateway Timeout” for the last time!) Sorting and filtering in watchlist Order by author, title or date you started watching the book Filter by author or title Better support for phones and tablets In the New Year, I’ll be working on speed improvements.

New Release: v4.0.1

I’ve just uploaded a new release to the Luzme website (v4.0.1). The main new feature is the addition of support for Amazon India; the other major changes are all ‘behind-the-scenes’ so you shouldn’t notice them. Please keep the good ideas coming at (or just mail me directly). cheers Rachel

New Release: v3.0.3

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update here, although there have been many changes since the last post. Here’s the most important… * Support for Foyles UK * Support for Diesel US * Support for Sony UK * Currency Conversion * Images added to the 'My Watchlist' page * Allow alternative email address for Amazon wishlist * Automatically mirror Amazon wishlist in your Luzme Watchlist * Switched from GetSatisfaction to UserVoice for customer feedback * New setting to allow user to opt-out of update emails * New setting to allow user to halt email alerts * New option to allow user to reset their password * Several major changes at the backend, including migration from mysql to percona.

New Release: 'Choose Your Stores'

I’ve just uploaded a new release (v2.3.1). The main new feature is the ability to choose the stores you want to follow; if you only want info about Nook books in the US, or Kindle books in the UK, now you can! This was the #1 most requested feature; please let me know how it works for you. Choose the stores you want in your settings page at Thereafter, you should only see those stores displayed on any book’s page; and you’ll only get email alerts for those stores.

New: Set your price threshold

I’ve just uploaded a new release (v2.2.7). The major change is that you can now set a price threshold on your watchlist, so you’ll only get alerts when a store decides to sell the book at a price you’re willing to pay. Full list of changes: Price threshold on watchlist Added a ‘terms of use’ page including a privacy statement Added a ‘thanks’ page Upgraded to Bootstrap2 Added microformat markup using the schema.