Edinburgh Publishing Conference, June 2014, with Cory Doctorow

“Disruption in the Publishing Industry”

Friday, 20th June Business School, University of Edinburgh http://edinpubconf.net

Following the success of last year’s Edinburgh Publishing Conference, we’re running it again with a exciting set of speakers.

To name but three: Cory Doctorow, Ian Ritchie and me!

Cory Doctorow: award-winning writer, journalist, activist. His talk at O’Reilly’s 2013 “Tools of Change” conference was one of the highlights, and we’re delighted to have him as our main speaker.

Ian Ritchie CBE: Ian’s company Office Workstations Ltd was doing hypertext before most of the rest of us had even heard of the Internet. As a director of Northern Venture Trust plc and a member of the advisory board for Pentech Ventures, he’s been involved in innovative growth companies, and now acts as Chairman for iomart, CAS, Blipfoto, the Interactive Design Institute, and more. And his enduring claim to fame is turning down Tim Berners Lee, when he came asking for a hypertext browser for his new invention “the world wide web”!

Rachel Willmer: I run the ebook search site, Luzme. Everyone is clamouring for more data about what people buy and what the price of an ebook should be; I’ll be sharing some real world experience based on what I see my users doing. Real data about the prices people are paying for their ebooks.

Please see the http://edinpubconf.net website for details of the other great speakers we have lined up for you.

The ticket for the one-day conference is only £149, with an Early Bird rate of £99 available through April.

I look forward to seeing you at #EdinPubConf