Looking for beta testers for new personalisation options

I’m about to release a new version which will allow you to set personalisation options, such as your country, your preferred currency, which formats you want to see. I’d like some people to kick the tyres before it goes public, if you’re interested, please get in touch!

The top 5 bestsellers are available with 100% rebate from Fictionwise

All 5 of the top 5 books on the current “USA Today” bestseller list are available with 100% rebate from Fictionwise (that is, you spend the money with them, and they give it back to you in full as credit to spend on other books). Do people think of this as “free”? or just very good value?

20% off at Kobo in Jan 2010

Kobo has these great discounts available this month. Get $1 off all romance titles - Discount Code: 1Love 2. Get $2 off all self-help titles - Discount Code: NewYou 3. 20% off all other eBook categories - Discount Code: Save20 These offers are valid until January 31. Note: the coupon is valid for a single book.

eTextbooks: the Next Big Thing for ebooks?

eTextbooks make education cheaper, faster and easier. So will this be the next major growth market in the ebook world? Textbooks season is here - for the next few weeks, students will be scouring the internet for the textbooks they need for the 2010 school season. And this year, they have more choice than ever before in the way they access course textbooks. * E-book or print book? * Online access or download?