New Country: Spain

I’ve added a new country, Spain. If you’re interesting following the stores in Spain, then please go to your settings and activate the stores there.

Luzme on front page of!

Last week, I was absolutely delighted to find that an article about Luzme was on the front page of! Link to the article on As you can imagine, the traffic level leapt up way above normal. I’m sorry if you’ve been adversely affected by the slowdown this caused; I’ve added extra resources to cope with the higher load. Rachel

Rachel Willmer is a panellist at Futurebook conference

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve been invited to take part in the Futurebook Conference in London, 3rd December 2012. I’m on the panel for the “Pricing strategies and experiments” session, and will be sharing the stage with notables such as Mike Tamblyn from Kobo and Orna Ross from the Alliance of Independent Authors. As part of my preparation for this, I’ll be producing a series of blogs about various aspects of ebook pricing, so please look out for them!