Countdown to CrimeFest #1: Quentin Bates, "Frozen Out"

I’m going to CrimeFest at the end of May, really looking forward to it.

I love reading good international crime fiction and this has a great lineup.

I’m going to feature a few of the attending authors, and say just why I like them. So here goes with the first…

Quentin Bates is a new discovery for me. I’ve just finished “Frozen Out”, a series set in Iceland. I visited Iceland once and found it a fascinating country. The geology, the people, the language, the food; everything was very foreign to me.

This book described very well what I remember about the country, but as well as that, it was a very good police detective story. Good plot, good characters, good background info - excellent! And I love the backdrop of the economic meltdown we’ve just lived through.

It’s only £2.56 at Amazon (5 Mar 2013) so why not try it? It’s worth it…