Must you price-slash to get into the Kindle UK Top 10?

Here’s a graph of yesterday’s Top 30 Kindle bestsellers in the UK.

Kindle UK Top 30: Rank vs. Current Price (22 Nov 2012)

A spread of prices as you’d expect, mostly below £5, with just one with a £9.99 price (the new Ian Rankin book, “Standing in Another Man’s Grave” by Ian Rankin).

Then I wondered, “that’s what the prices are now but I wonder what they were previously”.

Here’s the same books, but instead using the lowest price they’ve had over the previous week.

Kindle UK Top 30: Rank vs. Lowest Price This Week (22 Nov 2012)

And you can see that all of the Top 10 have been offered with a price below £1 over the last week.

Which makes me wonder, is it possible to get a book priced with a sensible price into the Top 10 without this fierce price slashing?