What's the price of an ebook? £15 at Waterstones!!

I don’t understand Waterstones ebook pricing strategy, I really don’t.

They’ve just put up the prices on quite a few bestsellers to £15.85.

Does Waterstones really think anyone is going to pay them nearly £16 for the ebook version of Lee Child’s “The Affair”, when you can get the hardback from Waterstones itself for £9.49, or the same ebook for £8.49 from Apple, Google or Kobo; or the Kindle version for £6.79?

It’s the same story but even worse with Gary Neville’s autobiography, Red - £15.86 from Waterstones, against £4.99 from Amazon, Apple, Google and Kobo.

What extra quality can they possibly be adding to justify charging 3 times as much?

Ebook prices change very frequently so these examples may all have changed by the time you read this, but the current prices can be found at :