10 Things You May Not Know About Ebook Prices

How much should you pay for an ebook? $9.99? $0.99? $0? And how much should you price your ebooks? I’m going to tell you what people have actually paid for their ebooks, based on some hard data from Luzme. You can set the price of your book to be anything you want; what really matters is what someone will pay for it! This article originally appeared on TechCrunch. Last year, Luzme captured a large amount of ebook price data and reader pricing preferences.

It's going to be harder to sell ebooks in Europe in 2015

I’m working on a project to enable a UK-based author do direct worldwide ebook sales of their own works. Selling ebooks in Europe is an important part of that worldwide market. And, given that this is a UK-based project, we need to comply with the relevant VAT rules. If the customer is in the EU, we add the VAT. If they’re not, we don’t. If we add the VAT, it’s the UK rate of 20% and we pay it to the UK HMRC.

O'Reilly are just the best

In January, I bought an ebook from them (“Search Patterns” because I have it in mind to improve the way searching is done on this site). And then in a fit of enthusiasm and disorganisation, I bought the same book again last month, because I’d forgotten I’d already got it :-) One email to O’Reilly customer services later, and they immediately refunded my card. They really do have it right when it comes to selling ebooks: no DRM, all formats available, any number of downloads, discounts of future ebook versions of physical books you’ve already got.

Colour E-Ink devices available by the end of the year?

Xconomy, a business and tech online magazine, have interviewed T.H. Peng, who is an executive vice president at Prime View International (PVI), the Taiwanese display maker that acquired E Ink last year for about $450 million. Some interesting quotes about where they are heading with Colour E-Ink displays (late 2010/early 2011), and how they see the competition from LCD displays.

eTextbooks: the Next Big Thing for ebooks?

eTextbooks make education cheaper, faster and easier. So will this be the next major growth market in the ebook world? Textbooks season is here - for the next few weeks, students will be scouring the internet for the textbooks they need for the 2010 school season. And this year, they have more choice than ever before in the way they access course textbooks. * E-book or print book? * Online access or download?