I’ve started to do some historical analysis of the ebook price data I’ve been collecting.

In honour of the fact that I’m now going to be blogging for the Bookseller magazine, I decided to look at the UK market first.

So I took the most recent Futurebook Top 10 from the Bookseller, and looked back to see what the price you’d have paid for this set of 10 over the last 3 months.

Here’s the result, a definite trending downwards.

ebook Price Watch: the Futurebook Top 10 from June 10th 2011

What this doesn’t show, however, is the cause and effect – did these books get in the Top 10 because their prices were cheaper than the competition? or did the bookstores/publishers drop the prices because the books were selling so well?

I also looked at one other set of books, the 8 books which made up the Richard&Judy selection for Spring 2011.

ebook Price Watch: Richard & Judy Spring 2011

This doesn’t show such a definite trend. but the average cost of the books starts above £5 and ends below it. I’ll do the same for the Summer selection; it will be interesting to compare the two sets of books.